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Storing Fall Decor (Like a Pro Organizer!)

With the changing of seasons comes a whole host of themed décor, including Halloween, Autumn and holiday items. This is one of my favorite times of year - I absolutely love the turning of the leaves and decorating my house for Fall. Decorating can be fun and easy if you are organized. So what can you do to sort and store holiday décor like a pro? I've got tips for you!

Step 1: Sort & Declutter

One of the first steps when organizing Fall décor is to gather all your items into one place so that you can see how much you have and if it is being used. If not, out it goes!

Open all your storage bins and boxes and take everything out so that you can see what you have. Sorting can feel really overwhelming for some people. Depending on the client I am working with, I usually use one of the following three methods for sorting.

1. Sort items by where they are displayed. For instance, if you have a set of pumpkins that are displayed together on a specific shelf in your living room, you may want to consider storing them together.

2. Sort by type. This means containing all of one type of décor together such as candles.

3. Sort items that you love and use every year. They can be labeled as “Fall Favorites” or something that resonates with you.

Whichever method you use, be consistent and choose the best one that works for you.

The sorting process is an opportunity to evaluate if there are décor items that you no longer love, use or need. If an item makes you sad or unhappy, don’t keep it! Donate duplicate items and those that you are no longer excited by. It's ok - someone else will love them for you! My Instagram story highlight called "Resources" features some great donation options in the Portland area for you to check out.

For items that aren’t displayed but have special meaning, place them into a separate container labeled “Décor Memorabilia.” Also, consider how much space will dedicated to storing your decorations and let that be a determining factor for how many bins of decorations to keep.

Step #2: Store it Like a Pro

Quality storage containers are so important! I recommend matching clear containers that are available in multiple sizes and stack easily.

Shallow containers like this 28-quart container from Target works well for candles and small décor items, and deep containers like this 56-quart container are best for light, bulky items such as faux foliage.

Label each container with a label maker or removable label with a specific list of the contents to make finding and putting away items easier.

Next, consider establishing a Fall Décor “Zone” where all your Fall décor can be stored together. Maximize storage in the zone by utilizing vertical space with shelving. Storing your containers on shelves creates easy visibility and accessibility, and will make decorating for Autumn stress-free and fun!

It takes a small time investment, but once your items are safely stored away, it will make decorating for the holidays SO much more fun and enjoyable for you.

If you live in the Portland area and would like a hand setting up thoughtful organizing systems for your winter decor, please reach out! I would love to be of service.

Happy Organizing!

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