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Embrace Your Space is honored to share our organizing and space planning expertise with the public. We have been invited to participate in the following media events and articles. To work with us, please reach out!

Jill co-authored Real Spaces, a home organization book that provides step-by-step techniques to declutter and organize, and was also featured on the Real Spaces blog, where she provides 5 Pro Organizer Tips for Playroom Organization.

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Jill's organizing tips on How to Store Gift Bags - 4 Expert Approved Methods That Promise to Keep Them Organized were featured in Living, Etc. 



Jill's tips on How to Dry Clothes in a Small Space were featured on Real Homes.

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Jill's expertise for organizing closets was included in Homes & Gardens' article, 7 Closet Organizers Professionals Always Buy


Jill's tips on how to manage memorabilia clothing were featured in Homes & Gardens' article, 10 Rules for Decluttering Clothes Home Organizers Always Follow.


Jill's organizing tips for creating a comfortable and inviting guest room were highlighted in Homes & Gardens' article,
7 Things Every Guest Room Needs to Stay Organized - According to the Experts. 

Jill's tips on aligning your life goals with the vision of your home were featured in Homes & Gardens' article, How to Decide What to Declutter - Professional Organizers Share Their Wisdom.

Jill's tips on organizing belts were included in Homes & Gardens' article, How to Organize Belts - 6 Professional Organizer-Methods to Store Unruly Accessories

Jill's bathroom organizing tips were noted in Homes & Gardens' article, Bathroom Decluttering Checklist - 9 Things You Can CLear out Quickly 

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Jill's organizing systems were featured in one of the lovely designer homes in Clark County's Parade of Homes

Jill's organizing tips on furniture and decor were featured on Redfin's online blog, 14 Ways to Revive Your House in the New Year.   

Jill's closet organizing tips were featured in InStyle Magazine's article, 13 Ideas For How to Color Coordinate Your Closet and Keep Your Clothes Organized.

Jill appeared on KATU's Afternoon Live, KATU's lifestyle and health television program, presenting organizing tips on preparing for successful garage sales, and again on a program on organizing junk drawers.

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