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Get Organized with REAL SPACES: DIY Home Organization for Real Life

REAL SPACES: DIY Home Organization for Real Life is an organizational guide bringing together 24 experts from the Professional Organizing world. Jill is so honored to be featured and a co-author on this project! The goal of this book is to help you streamline the process of organizing your home.


Each project is designed to be simple and effective, ensuring a feeling of achievement with each forward step you take. Checkboxes are provided for you to mark off completed projects along the way.

Imagine twenty-four Professional Organizers from across the country, showing you how to declutter and organize your home, one project at a time!

REAL SPACES is thoughtfully divided into five essential areas: kitchen, pantry, closet, kids’ spaces, and bath. Each page showcases real-life photos and before-and-after transformations from the featured Professional Organizers. Immerse yourself in these REAL spaces and discover how to revitalize your home, one project at a time.

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The Book Includes:

  • A beautiful, hardcover design

  • 336 pages packed full of real life insights from Professional Organizers across the country

  • Thoughtfully divided into sections of the home, allowing you to focus on one area at a time

  • Authentic before and after photos from Professional Organizers

  • Checkboxes for marking off projects
    as you make progress

Limited Time, Signed and Hand-Delivered Gift Box Set

For residents of the Portland Metro area looking for a present for someone special or who would just like to treat themselves, Jill is thrilled to offer a gift box set—a personally hand-delivered, autographed copy of the book, a handmade bookmark and a gold pen, in a beautifully wrapped gift box. 

Please contact Jill directly to order your signed, hand delivered copy!

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“Jill is simply amazing. She is so experienced and enthusiastic in her field of work! She is professional, incredibly hard working and will transform any room to a usable, organized space. She worked on my garage and kitchen and it has been Fantastic!” — Lemmy E.


“As a small business owner looking for guidance in both home AND office organization, I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have found Jill. Jill is not only highly-trained and very good at what she does, she is warm, easy-going, and has zero judgment about what you have. She makes you instantly comfortable, and works swiftly to assess what YOU need, then designs creative, cost and time-effective solutions that will work so well with your life.” — Pam A.


“Jill is THE best! She came up with a super effective and creative solution for my cute, small, 100 year old apartment to make it functional and give me plenty of space. She also recommended the right furniture to accentuate my place and provided much needed organization and design. Jill is professional, personable and easy to trust with your most prized and personal things.” — Heather R.

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