Our Process

Free Phone Assessment

We begin with a free 30-minute phone assessment. During this call, we ask questions about your goals and patterns, encourage you to share the challenges you are experiencing ,and talk about your space. Can you see the top of your dining room table? Are there papers on your kitchen counter? Can you fit your car in your garage? We get to know you and share about ourselves so that you feel comfortable with the process. We also briefly discuss our policies and answer any questions you may have.


Once the phone assessment is complete, you have the option to schedule a hands-on organizing session or, if you need more information and tips, you may schedule a paid 90-minute in-home consultation. During the consultation, we walk through your space, discuss specific challenges, and create a custom action plan with solutions. 


Organizing sessions range between 3–7 hours depending on your needs and availability. Most sessions are between 3–4 hours and either begin at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm. Limited sessions are available on Saturdays. For larger projects, such as garages, we often recommend to book consecutive days with longer sessions.


During the organizing session, we work with you through the sorting process and provide ongoing support as you make decisions on what to keep or donate. We share techniques to help you through the process and have a significant resource list for donating and selling items. You always make the final decision: we are there to help.  


We want to hear how it’s going for you after the session is complete, so we call you within two weeks. Do we need to make some tweaks? Do you have other areas that you need help with? Let us know how we did. If you like our work, refer us to a friend or family member and you will receive a free hour at your next session after they schedule their first appointment!




Our style is comfortable, simple, and easy. We ask specific questions to identify the challenges you are experiencing and then create custom systems based on your needs, making sure that you can maintain them on your own. With some practice, it's possible!



Can organizing actually be fun? Yes, it can! We love what we do and helping you is our top priority. If something will make the experience more enjoyable, we make it happen. Play music, eat a yummy snack, take a break and play with your dog. It's all good.  



We want you to be excited about our work together. Are you ready to begin the process? It may not seem easy to get started, but when we tackle the hands-on organizing together, it becomes manageable. You'll be surprised at what we will accomplish! 


Every person has their own pace. We respect that and will follow your lead, although we may suggest techniques to increase the pace if you are interested in quicker progress or staying within a set budget. We are as eager as you are to see results! 


Embrace Your Space adheres to The National Association for Productivity and Organizing Professionals' (NAPO) Code of Ethics, which ensures complete confidentiality with our clients and their families. We also are licensed and insured. 



We cheer you on every step of the way and recognize your successes. Sometimes successes may be small, but not insignificant. Every step forward matters and we support you through your personal journey. You are on your way to embracing your space!

Our Style

In-Home Organizing Consultation

Organizing Sessions

Hands-on Organizing

Follow up and Maintenance

We Keep it Simple

We Make it Fun

Let's Work Together

You Set the Pace

We Respect Your Confidentiality

We Celebrate Your Success

NAPO Specialist Badge - Residential Orga
NAPO Specialist Badge - Workplace Produc
NAPO Specialist Badge - Residential Orga
NAPO Specialist Badge - Workplace Produc