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Work with a Certified Professional Organizer®

Jill Viglione, CPO®, owner and CEO, is here to help you design, plan and embrace your home. From closet and pantry systems to organization and space planning before a remodel, Jill is here to help. With over a decade of design expertise, she'll help you clarify your organizing goals and make them a reality. 

Are you looking for balance in your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed at home? Our spaces reflect our state of mind. Life is so busy that we often don’t have time to create a beautiful haven that inspires us.


Embrace Your Space helps you simplify and design your home to be more comfortable and beautiful. We work with you to organize any room and rediscover balance by surrounding yourself with the things you love. Let us help you embrace your space.

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Be Prepared for Your First Organizing Session

Making the decision to work with a Professional Organizer is a huge step towards creating a more peaceful home and office. You likely have questions about the process! Learn what to expect and more about Jill's organizing style.

Ready to start embracing your space?

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“Hiring Jill has made my life much simpler. She has such
practical ideas. I was amazed at how quickly and
efficiently she works. I feel less overwhelmed
since Jill came to help!” —Diane L.

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